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  Sorcerers Safari Summer Magic Camp


We are STILL accepting camper registrations for Summer Break Camp 2009.


SORCERERS SAFARI Summer Camp - Sunday August 23rd to Sunday 30th, 2009


Special Guest 2009 -- Daniel Garcia

Join Daniel Garcia and the rest of the Sorcerers Safari Staff for one of the best summers ever!

This year's special guest is magician Daniel Garcia from Huston, Texas.


He was hired as a consultant on the hit national television show "David Blaine: Dive of Death." Several years before, he released the groundbreaking DVD "Greed" which garnered widespread critical acclaim within the magic community and became an instant international bestseller. And if you ask Danny, it was just the beginning.


In early 2000, a tape of Danny's work found its way into the hands of Paul Harris, one of the world's foremost magic producers, who immediately recognized the potential. It wasn't long before the two became friends. So, when Paul Harris was asked if he knew of any underground, up and coming magicians, one name stood out - Daniel Garcia.

Garcia came on board with the Paul Harris Presents group , and agreed to shoot three DVDs directed and edited with the acclaimed Buck Twins. This project, dubbed The Garcia Project, was an instant hit and was hailed largely as one of the best DVD sets ever created.


Now with international fame under his belt, he become a free agent working for such online companies as Penguin Magic, Ellusionist, and Theory11.

Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp is now in its thirteenth year of operations.

At the Sorcerers Safari magic camp, campers learn magic while having fun, two themes that are easy to combine. We endeavour to help campers develop some new magic skills and polish old ones.

Although we supply all the materials for the planned workshops, we encourage campers to bring magic items they have special interest in working on.

Many of our campers return year after year...they have so much fun they just keep coming back.

Campers often develop special relationships with each other, and they keep in touch by attending events that are organized or sponsored by Sorcerer Safari.

Our magic camp is always located in a safe and friendly environment, far away from the distractions of everyday life. We use Camp White Pine (same camp location as in the movie Meatballs).

You can feel comfortable and secure each time you send your child to the Sorcerers Safari Camp.

Counselors are imaginative, committed, caring and fun to be with. All staff are 19 or older and are selected through an intensive interview and reference-checking process for their experience and ability to work with children. Staff wear an SSS t-shirt to be easily recognized and all hold current CPR certification.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our program because we know that it takes innovation, commitment, and hard work to remain the premier magic camp in Canada.

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Sorcerers Safari will run for a week from August 23rd - 30th, 2009. Registration: A reg. form must be accompanied with a CHEQUE for $200.


If you would like to pay your deposit right now using Paypal, please click the button below.



$200 CND for Deposit for

Summer Magic Camp 2009.



Once you've finished paying the deposit, please download the PDF forms below and mail them in.



    Click on the following links to read all the info you will need to register a camper:


The registration form is in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader, click icon to download.



               Summer 2009 Registration Form

                         (includes Fees and Policies & Terms of Enrolment)


                Summer 2009 Registration Package



                  Summer 2009 CIT Registration Form



 To print the Registration Form and package, click on your browser's Print button.



 Please make:


         Canadian cheques payable to Sorcerers Safari Inc.


         American cheques payable to Mike Segal



 Mail the completed form and payment to:

    Sorcerers Safari Inc.

    389 Manor Road East
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4S 1S9




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